Mission Statement

The Flemington Business Improvement District works toward recruiting, revitalizing and retaining businesses in the business district of the Borough of Flemington.

Code of Ethics

The Flemington Business Improvement District Management Corporation is a charitable not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the physical and social environment of downtown Flemington’s BID. The organization is governed by its Board of Directors, as set forth under its By-Laws. The day-today activities are directed by its Executive Director, who is assisted by other employees and volunteers. The highest ethical standards have been observed by the Corporation’s Board, employees and volunteers since the organization’s inception in 2011. To formalize the high standards of conduct, the Corporation adopts the following Code of Ethics, applicable to all Board Members, employees and volunteers.

General Conduct

Board Members, employees and volunteers shall act at all times with integrity and in accordance with ethical principles. They shall avoid acting in a manner that would tend to injure the Corporation or its reputation, and shall avoid any appearance of impropriety in connection with their association with or responsibilities to the Corporation.

Confidential Information

Board Members, employees and volunteers shall not disclose any confidential information obtained as a result of their association with the Corporation, or use such information for their personal or financial benefit or that of another, for the financial benefit of an entity in which they have a significant affiliation, or to the detriment of the Corporation, without the express written authorization of the Corporation.
Disclosure of Conflict

In the event that the Board Member’s, employee’s or volunteer’s obligation to operate in the best interests of the Corporation has an impact on or affects the interests of any organization in which he/ she has a financial interest, in which he/ she is involved in a decision-making capacity, with which he/she is affiliated, or for which he/ she is an elected or appointed representative, the individual shall disclose such conflict to the Chair, Vice-Chair, or Committee Chair as appropriate as soon as he/ she becomes aware of it.

Members of the Board who have direct financial or other interest, or who represent a client who has a direct financial or other interest in a specific site project, or matter under consideration by the Corporation may present information to the Board and/ or answer questions put to them by the Board concerning the sire or project.

Board Members who have an indirect interest in a specific site, project, or matter under consideration by the Board, or who represent a client who has an indirect interest in such a project, sire, or matter under consideration by the Board, may participate in Board discussions concerning such issues. Such Board Members shall abstain from voting on any such issues.


Violation of this Code of Ethics shall be cause for removal of a member from the Board of Directors, termination of an employee or contractor, or, if a volunteer, termination of the volunteer’s duties on behalf of the Corporation.